Mike Loescher, FinishLine
"Dana Moore is the best female race car driver I have worked with, her performance was amazing. It was a pleasure to work with her. She was fast, consistent, smooth and focused. You tell her something once, and she's got it. She's an incredible driver. She also gave really good feedback on the vehicles knowing exactly how to report on what the car or truck was doing. As I was driving away from the track at the end of the day, I still was shaking my head in amazement. If she can get a ride with good equipment and seat time so she can showcase her talent, people are going to be saying, "Wow! Who is that?"

Shawn Stewart, Racing Solution
"In every series Dana enters, whether road racing or running the circle tracks, within a half dozen races, she is up front.  Her 6th time to race the Panoz Esparante she set a track record at Sebring, going on to win the pole & set another Panoz car record at Atlanta, winding up that series with a top 5 finish in Vegas and a driver award for the season.  After running a couple of vintage & open wheel races, Dana was consistently taking the checkered flag in that circuit where she began her career.   She won the second dirt track event she ever entered in 2001.  Dana was on the pole and had a podium finish in Irwindale with the Legends car  within 3 or 4 Irwindale races.  She consistently finished on the podium at Cajon Speedway & set the second fastest qualifying lap ever in a Legends winning three consecutive poles in 2002.  If she has competitive equipment and a few hours in the car, Dana is going to be a strong competitor in any series."   

Ed Schwartz, Champion Formula I Driver
"I don't know how to say this . . .but she has balls."

Mike Deleuw, Chief Mechanic DMR
"Dana Moore is where it's at...I've been there with a lot of drivers & she has the talent and the ability if she can just get the right opportunity."

Irwindale Speedway Saturday Night Report
"Dana Moore, a young driver who resembles tennis pro Anna Kournakova, turned in the best performance ever at Irwindale by a female driver."
--Moore won the pole position, had the fastest lap and finished second.

San Diego County Herald
"Female race car driver extrordinaire."

American Le Mans Radio Web
"Dana is our most popular driver. She has a bigger fan base and gets more e-mails than anyone in the Women's Global GT as well as the American Le Mans."

Jeff Purner of Panoz Motorsports WGGT Series
"Dana has an amazing learning curve."

Professional Race Car Driver, Starr Cooke
"Dana has a rare natural ability. She can go to a new track and drive the perfect line. She is a very safe and smart driver."

President of RIATA Marketing, Tim Hurlbut
"A talented and attractive female race car driver with excellent PR skills makes Dana a very powerful marketing tool"

Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host, Rick Roberts
"Beautiful, Smart, and She drives the heck out of race cars. You've got to come check out Dana Moore"

Colleagues in WGGT Series 
"The media loves Dana.  It doesn't matter where she finishes.  They want an interview with her."
Channel 6 San Diego Reporter (30 minute TV special on Dana & the San Diego Grand Prix)
 "From beauty queen to speed queen.Make a pass at Dana Moore, and you can count on getting passed back." 
Channel 8 Reporter, San Diego 
 "What a pass!  That was an excellent move.  I want to keep the cameras on her when she is racing." 


Contact Information

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